A little gift sewing

About a month ago I had seen a quilt block on Flicker that I just adoredloved it.
The scrappy fabrics used, the scale of the prints and the proportions of the block all really appealed to me. Oh, and the piecing was so well done too. I’m telling you, it was patchwork perfection !

Well lucky me/us, wouldn’t you know it – the person who created these lovelies recently, so generously, made a tutorial.

Within minutes of spotting the tutorial I was running out to my sewing room to make one and then had to run back and print out the instructions… at least I’m getting some exercise.

Here is what I made, it’s called an uneven 5 patch grid.


and then I added borders

and then I added all the rest to make it into a hot pad:

and then I made another one. See, I’m getting better, the second one is a little straighter and a little less puckered.

You can’t just gift one hot pad – it really should be a pair.


Now that you’ve seen my sorry little attempt, would you like to see how a pro does it ?
You may notice that I changed the dimensions just a titch because I wanted to make my block justa little bigger.
You’ll find Rachel’s excellent work and wonderful tutorial right here

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