Let’s Pretend

I finished a baby quilt this week ! The quilt was practically flying off the wall as I was taking these photos even though I used about a dozen pins to secure it. The weather has been extremely windy and overcast for days here.


I bought this fabric several years ago, when it first came on the market so I’m really happy to have finally settled on a plan and jumped in. I added in a few extra prints from my stash and decided on a simple ‘brick’ style of block and layout. The quilt measures 41″ x 50″.



I have seen lots of quilt panels at quilt shops but most of them don’t interest me too much. This panel is designed by Sarah Jane and I make an exception for her – I have to say that I like all of her panels and supporting fabrics. They really tell a story and her drawings are quite original and non-commercial looking, IMO. This collection is called “Let’s Pretend”.


For the backing I used the print called “Best Fort Ever”.



How cute, eh ? It is just so reminiscent of imaginative, creative play. I wonder how many kids see large empty boxes and even think of the possibilities anymore ?

I still have enough of these fabrics to make another quilt about this size. I’ll probably try something a little different rather than making this same quilt over again.


Thanks for having  a look !

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Pointedly Overcompensating

I have a bunch of scraps left over from this quilt and decided to make a matching pillow to go with the quilt. Not being a really ‘matchy-matchy’ person I wasn’t particularly concerned about re-creating the quilt block. The best scraps were the cut-offs from the jelly rolls and the left-over yardage from the setting triangles and backing so that is what I concentrated on using.


I started by paper piecing a bunch of half rectangle triangles that finish at 2″ x 4″.


This 18″ pillow is what I ended up with !


I’m not a big fan of doggy eared pillows so I tried to soften the corners a bit. You can see how I trimmed the angles a little better without the pillow form.



There’s a shot of the back. I prefer the zipper style back over the envelope style back.


So all those lost points that I was boo-hooing about here have been compensated for and all is right in my (quilting) world again, lol !

Thanks for taking a look, hope all is right with you !

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Hemming Clouds

Just a quick project to show you today but a finish is a finish.., right ? !

I spotted some double gauze at my local fabric shop awhile back and since a friend will be welcoming a new grandchild next month I thought I’d sew up a couple of swaddle blankets.


I used 1.25 yards to make each blanket. After squaring them up I tried making 90 degree corners with a regular straight stitch. I soon discovered that this fabric sews a little different than most. Being so delicate, fine, wispy, diaphanous, chiffony ( is that a word ??) downright cobwebby , you get the idea… it was hard to hem, to say the least ! So the 90 degree corners looked like a blind monkey sewed them. I picked out that,  rounded the corners, prepped them with some stay stitching – which I highly recommend with this fabric – and made out much better with a largish zig zag stitch.

Hopefully the new parents and baby will like them. They should be just the thing for a baby in warm weather and they feel just like a cloud !


Thanks for having a look – if you have any tips for sewing with double gauze, I’d love to hear them.

Enjoy your weekend.

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A Gardenvale Finish


Well, here she is. This is the view from my chair as I completed the binding on my  latest quilt. The main fabric is all from the Jen Kingwell line “Gardenvale”. The setting triangles, binding and backing fabric are all from a local fabric shop.



The blocks were made using a layer cake and a jelly roll. I made two diagonal cuts on each layer cake and cut the jelly rolls into 2.5 inch squares and 8.5 inch by 2.5 inch strips. I don’t have the measurements for the setting triangles close by but if anyone would like them just let me know and I will dig around for them… I probably wrote it down somewhere.



The quilt measures 65″ x 82″.


This is the best shot I have of the back – it was really windy yesterday.


The pattern I choose for the quilting is called ‘twister’. I thought the combination of points and softened curves was a good choice for the blocks. I also thought that since the quilting pattern is loosely spaced ( as opposed to closer together – more dense ) that it would give the quilt a softer hand and it does.

I am still a little saddened by the loss of all those points around the edges which I wrote about in my last post.  I think that the quilt has more positive aspects and I am focusing on those.


It is the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada we are still seeding here on our farm but the end is in sight, now.. if we could have some rain… please !

Thanks for having a look, enjoy your weekend – long or not !

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A Pouch and a Peek

Whoa ! I just realized it’s Friday the 13th !! You know you’re busy when those kind of things sneak up on you !

Many of you have probably heard of the’ May is for Makers ‘campaign begun by Lindsay at LRStitched. I think it’s a great idea ! I have often said to friends and family that I am amazed at how many truly helpful sewing and quilting tutorials and free patterns there are on the internet. I do appreciate and value the time and effort that goes into these freebies. For my part I always try and remember to link back to the source and I buy patterns from people that I have learned so much from. Tutorials are a great way of sampling how a designer writes and if her teaching style works for you. Allison Harris of CluckCluckSew is a good example of generous information/tutorials on her site and a shop full of great patterns to buy. I  am afraid to count the number of patterns I have purchased from her and of course I bought her book. Anyways, my point is… I do buy patterns from many of these great designers and for some weird reason they get put on the back burner. So today I’m showing you a little pouch I made from one of Svetlana’s patterns I bought.



This is the small size of her “Little Pyramid Pouch”, cute huh ?


As you can see I have a few more of her patterns to get going on ! They are well written and fun to sew.

In other news, I am happy to say my Gardenvale quilt has arrived back home.


They say each quilt has a story and this one is no exception. I had taken it to a long arm quilter the middle of February who said she would have it done in a week. Well looong story short – it wasn’t and I picked it up 2 months later and sent it elsewhere.

There is a long arm rental shop in Edmonton that I have done some long arm quilting at and they have started a “quilt by mail” program.

Here is a review I wrote at their request:

I was extremely pleased to receive my quilt back via Canada Post from Sparrow Studioz through their Quilt By Mail program. The turnaround time on their program was excellent. The quilt was well packaged for shipping and was neatly folded and tied with a ribbon and card that thanked me for my business and requested a review of their QBM program. The intake process on their website is quick and easy, included is a good selection of threads and a nice selection of pantographs. They have added more pantographs since I sent my quilt. Once my quilt arrived at their studio there is a live camera set up and it is possible to watch your quilt being quilted, ( lol, bonus ) ! The quilting itself was very professional and well done. My only negative comment is that my quilt was not squared and trimmed the way I would have done it. In hindsight I would have preferred to do this at home, myself. I have always done this step and took it for granted that everyone did it the same way. There is a box for comments on the intake form and this would be a good place to let your wishes be known. Overall I am very pleased with their program and will be using it again as well as recommending it to my friends. Thank-you to everyone who had a hand in helping me finish my quilt !

Below is a close-up of how the quilt was trimmed


each point along the edge of the quilt will be lost once I have sewn on the binding. So… you can imagine my disappointment. After submitting my review the owners of the shop contacted me and said that they realize that not all people trim their quilts the same way and are now only trimming quilts when requested.

Oh well, no crying over lost points. The quilt will still be cosy and colourful.

Thanks for having a look.

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Medallion Table Runner

It is seeding time here on our farm so I haven’t had much time at my sewing machine. I have been able to finish up this table runner that I started… eek !… a few years ago !


I know, it’s a blurry, terrible picture. Sorry ’bout that, the others I took are worse.

The block was a free tutorial by the women at Sew Kind of Wonderful using their Quick Curve Ruler. I spent a few minutes looking around their site but I think they have taken the tutorial down. As I said… I made these blocks quite sometime ago 🙂 .

This table runner measures approximately 17.5″ by 53″. The tutorial was well written and the block was not too hard to do – curves and all but I just decided that I didn’t have enough other fabrics to continue to make an entire quilt. It’s really too bad my photography and my camera are lacking. The centre fabric reminds me of middle eastern tile work, the purple bordering the centre has quite a bit of depth as it is multi tonal and the cream on the outside has a shimmery brushstroke pattern floating over it.


I quilted most of the runner by stitching in the ditch and then did a small stipple in the middle part of the medallion – yes ladies – that’s me being wild and crazy !


Above is a close-up of the backing fabric. I purchased the fabric at a local shop but I have done this technique on silk many many times. The fabric is stretched on a frame and lightly wet with water then areas are painted with dye and salt is sprinkled randomly across the fabric. Since salt is hydroscopic; it draws moisture to it, the pattern emerges as the fabric dries.

In other news – There is quite a lot of smoke in the air here these last few days from the wildfires at Fort McMurray, Alberta. We are just over 400 miles south east of there. Fort McMurray is a city of aprox. 62,000 people that has been evacuated due to devastating fires that have done a tremendous amount of damage in the area. The pictures on the news leave no doubt how large of an area is involved, scary ! Have you heard of the fires ? As a social experiment, please leave a quick “yes” and rough idea of where you are in the world if you have heard – the comment button is on the left at the top of this post by the date.I’m just kind of curious how far some of this news travels.

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Wink, wink.

Last week I was shifting piles of fabric around and discovered some long forgotten hst’s.

My design wall happened to be available and so I just started putting the squares up to see what would happen..


this is what emerged !

The hst’s were left over from this quilt. They were trimmed and ready to go so it all came together fairly quickly considering they had been sitting for over a year ! I don’t know… does that count as “quickly” ?

I knew I wanted to try something different from the last pillows I made. I’m not a big fan of the ‘envelope’ style back and while finishing the edges in a quilt binding style looks o.k., I thought I would stretch my skills a little. I found this tutorial for bias binding and making your own piping and gave it a try. I’ve had a package of clothesline kicking around so long I really don’t remember why I bought it so that is what I used inside the bias tape.


I was happy to find that I had enough of the same fabric I had used to bind the quilt. I do. not. know. how I came up with the idea that a 12.5″ square would yeild enough bias tape for the pillow but it did… with 2″ to spare !


my zipper foot and those clover clips are a big help holding all the layers together – it would have been a lot harder using pins.


As you can see, I rounded the corners and now, instead of doggy ear corners I have teddy bear corners 🙂


Here’s a shot of the back of the pillow and the back of the quilt.



I’m pretty happy to have this set complete – even though the project just sort of ran ahead of me and wasn’t on my “to do” list. This is why I don’t make lists at the beginning of the new year – I never stick to a plan anyway !


See the lion winking ? He knew all along he wouldn’t get left behind !

Since the hst’s were left over from the quilt I guess they count as scraps and I’m linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday.

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Thanks for dropping by, have a good weekend everyone.





The rumours are true…

Yes, I’ve been making potholders again !




Maybe I should call them “Mini Mini Quilts “. What ever they are called I really enjoy making them and they are such a good way of seeing if you like making a block and working out colour placement. Colour and scale can really change when put in context, don’t you think ?

They measure 8.5″ square and have a layer of batting and a layer of insulbright. I cut my double fold binding 2.5”.

Here’s a shot of the backs, for the quilting I like to stitch in the ditch.


I just love that light blue binding on the middle one. It’s called Algeria by Kona.


Cute fabric, huh ? Wish I could remember the name of it !


Thanks for having a look.

Enjoy your weekend.

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and WIP’s Be Gone.

Trail Tote

I enjoyed making those little clutch purses last week so much that I gave another Noodle-Head project a try.


This one is called the ‘Trail Tote’ and it is a free project on Anna’s site as well as the Robert Kaufman site. If you haven’t seen Anna’s Trail Tote you have to go have a look. Not only are her tote’s really nice; the photo shoot is great and looks like they had some fun with it.

As you can see, I veered off the trail somewhat and made a few changes to the pattern. The grey half moon shape is some faux suede that I picked up at the fabric shop. A word of caution though if you have never worked with this; turn down the heat on your iron… guess how I know ??? :+(

This bag is for my youngest daughter who is almost finished university but can still pass for about 15 years old so I made her the smaller size.


The bag has a magnetic snap closure and an inner slip pocket as well as that outer zipper pocket. I used polyester foam with the exterior fabric and SF 101 interfacing with the lining of the bag. I really like the lightweight structure that the foam gives the bag but the smaller tote is probably o.k. with out it. I have plans to make myself the bigger version and will use the foam again.


I hope she likes it !

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter weekend knowing that hope and love does exist.

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Noodle-ing Along

Can you guess what this is the start of ?


How ’bout now ?


O.K., I won’t keep you guessing, but it’s probably not what you thought, right ?



If you’ve been here before you know I am a big fan of Noodle-Head aka, Anna Graham.

I’ve made several of her free tutorials and based on how well those went and my enjoyment of them I ordered her book, “Handmade Style”. The projects contained within do not disappoint ! I’d like to make them all… not today but eventually. Today I’m showing you my version of her Rainbow clutch pattern. The one above is using her paper pieced template for the front pocket.


For second one, I made a plain front pocket and had the presence of mind to add a d-ring before final assembly.

Here’s the back:


There are many ‘firsts’ in my sewing journey while making these cute clutches. The opening for the back pocket and using metal zippers to name only two. The front flap has a magnetic snap closure and I think this was the second time I had tried installing these – Anna’s directions are great !


If you’ve been wondering if my background for this photo shoot is custom made – you’d be right ! I will spare no expense for this blog !!!

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Thanks for having a look. Enjoy your weekend.



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