A quilt finish

It has been awhile since I have had a quilt finish to show you so, without further ado…


I started this quilt well over a year ago as a challenge to myself. The challenge was to choose fabrics from the local fabric store to make a quilt. This probably doesn’t seem like much of a challenge to many quilters but I feel more comfortable buying collections.  My closest fabric store is 35 miles away and isn’t a specialty shop that carries recognizable collections of popular designer quilt fabrics. It is a locally owned chain franchise that has a bit of a discount feel to it. There are a few recognizable fabric manufacturers but you do have to be careful because there are ‘no name’ fabrics whose quality isn’t always great.  The owner of the store is a really nice woman who is truly interested in what her clients make with their purchases and has been a big source of encouragement to me since none of my close friends sew.


Most of the fabric was bought using the “without a plan”method which all the ladies at the store think is crazy ! Now that I have been sewing for a few years and my stacks of fabric seem to be taking over the place… I’m starting to wonder if there may be a better approach to purchasing fabric ! I usually buy the fabric first and then try and find a pattern that will suit the fabric. For this fabric I was inspired by Allison Harris’s  Chippewa Quilt tutorial. I started by cutting 4.5″ squares and made a ridiculous number of different layout options on my design wall. If you are interested you can see a few of them here . After I was satisfied with the layout I took the squares off in numbered rows and they sat for almost a year until I finally felt like doing some mindless chain piecing . Sewing them together was a bit of a mystery quilt project as I had forgotten what the design was !


The quilt measures about 60″ x 60″ and I had it quilted with a panto called “houndstooth”. For the top thread colour I choose coral and the bobbin thread a medium/dark grey. This is the first time I’ve chosen to have two thread colours and am pretty happy with the results.


Here’s a shot of the back:


This isn’t my favourite quilt but I think it turned out O.K. I think each quilt we make teaches us something. This quilt was made in fits and starts over at least 14 months and I do feel I have grown as a quilter during that time.

I have a second finish to show you… our new grain bin is up and in use. Here are a few pictures:



These bins are built from the top down. The roof is put together first and then everything is jacked up and the rings that make up the walls are added one by one.
This picture is a bit grainy as it was taken at night – that’s the moon up in the sky !

My husband and son agreed to stand still for a quick picture to give you a sense of scale.


By the time I had walked back far enough to take the picture my husband was off to the next job ! The red piece of equipment is called an auger .The grain is unloaded off the grain truck and the auger moves it up and into the bin. The tractor is what powers the auger.

Thanks for having a look.

I’ll be linking up with Amanda for Finish It Up Friday.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda
    Sep 30, 2016 @ 12:08:13

    Fun colors. They look good together. I think when you pick fabrics that you personally just love, they will look good together. Love the quilting and the silos!.



  2. allisonreidnem
    Sep 30, 2016 @ 12:54:49

    Snap! Colleen! I posted a quilt finish too! I like the colours and the pattern you picked for your quilt. Glad you have harvested enough to start filling the new store. It’s amazing to me that the farm work is on such a huge scale.



  3. knitnkwilt
    Sep 30, 2016 @ 23:14:15

    You did some very effective fabric selecting! A well met challenge indeed–and a worthy one. Nice quilt..



  4. piecefulwendy
    Oct 09, 2016 @ 10:42:34

    I like your quilt and the fabric selection, especially the combination of the patterned florals. It really adds to the design!



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