A Bit Risky

Well, it’s been almost exactly a year since I finished designing this quilt top and I have just now finished the flimsy. By ‘designing’ I mean choosing and cutting the fabrics and deciding on a layout; not that it is my own original design. While at a fabric store I found 2 fabrics that I really liked and challenged myself to come up with a quilt design by picking random fabrics rather than using a collection of fabrics.  I’m not sure what to call this quilt – perhaps Trip Around the World ?


I had taken the 4.5″ squares off my design wall in rows and it was a bit of a mystery quilt reveal as I sewed the rows together a year later because I couldn’t remember which colour sequence I had settled with. That coral colour is quite hard to photograph; it looks much nicer in person. The quilt top measures 60″x 60″ and I have pieced together a backing and taken it off to be quilted. I’ve chosen two different threads for the top and bobbin which is unusual for me… and the top colour is a bit risky !  :-0  I hope it looks good.


Another finish I have to show you also started as a spontaneous fabric store purchase.


Awhile back they had a big one day sale at the fabric store and I purchased this whole pile of leather for $3.50 !! woot – woot, I felt like a thief !! ( the spool of thread is for scale )




basket measures 4.5″long x 3″wide x 1 5/8″tall

This little no-sew leather basket is made from a template found in Krista Fleckenstein’s book, “Beyond Cotton”. I obviously need more practice installing rivets and the proper tools would make it easier too ! I have this book out from the library but I will probably purchase my own copy. I really like the book.

Thanks for having a look, have a good weekend !

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Let’s Pretend

I finished a baby quilt this week ! The quilt was practically flying off the wall as I was taking these photos even though I used about a dozen pins to secure it. The weather has been extremely windy and overcast for days here.


I bought this fabric several years ago, when it first came on the market so I’m really happy to have finally settled on a plan and jumped in. I added in a few extra prints from my stash and decided on a simple ‘brick’ style of block and layout. The quilt measures 41″ x 50″.



I have seen lots of quilt panels at quilt shops but most of them don’t interest me too much. This panel is designed by Sarah Jane and I make an exception for her – I have to say that I like all of her panels and supporting fabrics. They really tell a story and her drawings are quite original and non-commercial looking, IMO. This collection is called “Let’s Pretend”.


For the backing I used the print called “Best Fort Ever”.



How cute, eh ? It is just so reminiscent of imaginative, creative play. I wonder how many kids see large empty boxes and even think of the possibilities anymore ?

I still have enough of these fabrics to make another quilt about this size. I’ll probably try something a little different rather than making this same quilt over again.


Thanks for having  a look !

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Pointedly Overcompensating

I have a bunch of scraps left over from this quilt and decided to make a matching pillow to go with the quilt. Not being a really ‘matchy-matchy’ person I wasn’t particularly concerned about re-creating the quilt block. The best scraps were the cut-offs from the jelly rolls and the left-over yardage from the setting triangles and backing so that is what I concentrated on using.


I started by paper piecing a bunch of half rectangle triangles that finish at 2″ x 4″.


This 18″ pillow is what I ended up with !


I’m not a big fan of doggy eared pillows so I tried to soften the corners a bit. You can see how I trimmed the angles a little better without the pillow form.



There’s a shot of the back. I prefer the zipper style back over the envelope style back.


So all those lost points that I was boo-hooing about here have been compensated for and all is right in my (quilting) world again, lol !

Thanks for taking a look, hope all is right with you !

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