Cowpoke Quilt

I realized the other day that I haven’t taken pictures of this little quilt and posted them here on my blog.100_3343

Quite sometime ago Missouri Star Quilt Co. had these charm packs as their daily deal. So I bought one and then had to add in some yardage to make a baby quilt – aren’t they smart ! I kept it simple and just made some hour glass blocks to alternate with the 5″ squares so that I could show off these cute little prints. The quilt measures approximately 38″ x 46″.




Here is a shot of the back. Adding in the left over blocks helped use them up and widen the backing just right.



Last weekend we were combining wheat across from our neighbours hay field and I kept thinking what a great photo shoot location this would be for my cowpoke quilt. Putting the plan into action proved a lot easier said than done. I had to settle for my old stand by location of our old granaries.


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Cross Block or X Block ?

It’s been raining here again so instead of being out in the field harvesting I have had some time in my studio. Awhile back I ordered a jelly roll and a layer cake of Jen Kingwell’s Gardenvale collection. I’m sure I had a plan when I ordered it but in typical “me” fashion, by the time it arrived I couldn’t remember what that plan was. Oh well, this is what I have started on and hopefully it works out !




These 12″ blocks sew up real quick and I am thinking that I will make 30 or so blocks. I do like them on point but I have never tried making setting triangles. I guess there is always a first time but I have done some preliminary research and already I am finding conflicting information on how big to make the side triangles and corner triangles.


These are what I have so far – this is not the final layout !

I love fall colours, don’t you ? Here are a few shots taken around our home quarter yesterday:


Red-Osier Dogwood


west end of our pond


east end of our pond


Bulrushes behind my studio


Crossing my fingers that the sun comes out and dries up all this moisture so we can get back to harvesting ! I’m linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

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Rookie Mistake

Hi There ! I’ve made another quilt from John Q. Adams cub crawl pattern. The first one I made out of Oink-a-Doodle-Moo fabric and showed you here. With this second quilt I have used mostly “Speedster” by Riley Blake and there are a few other prints thrown in as well. The quilt measures approximately 49″ x 56″.


How do you like my quilt ladder ? I think it would hold as many quilts as I would need for awhile ! Below is a better perspective, you really have to look for the quilt:


I went out to our grain bins for this photo shoot. This bin stands about 41 feet tall and holds 22,500 bushels of wheat. To give you a working idea of how much wheat that is… that’s close to a million loaves of bread once the grain is milled into flour. It all depends whether you are making white bread or whole wheat and what size of loaf, of course 🙂 .


For the quilting I did the same serpentine stitch that I have used on several quilts now. Someday I’ll try something different !

Here’s a peak at the backing fabric.


So, are you wondering why I named this post “Rookie Mistake” ? Well, I’ll confess… I quilted the entire quilt without adjusting  my foot pressure for the batting layer !!!!  How could I do such a thing ? This isn’t my first rodeo !! The only excuse I have is that I was overly concerned about the backing fabric. It is a looser weave than the quilt fabric on the front and while I noticed the drag in the quilting I just thought it was caused by the difference in the density of the two fabrics and made sure to change the direction I was quilting from in each pass. I realized my mistake RIGHT after I did the last pass ! It did cross my mind to pick it all out but… nope, couldn’t see myself doing that. I went ahead and put the binding on and gave it a wash. The shrinkage crinkles did help to disguise my mistake but I can still notice it. But really, I doubt that some little boy is going to call me up and make me defend my absent mindedness. I hope he just enjoys it and wears it out with snuggles and tent making !

Now, I know that all of you out there reading this have NEVER made a silly mistake like this. Perhaps though, you have a ‘friend’ that did make some kind of Rookie Mistake and you would be willing to share it with the rest of us in the comment section up at the top by the date. I would really appreciate hearing of others RM’s so that I know that I’m not alone here feeling sheepish and chagrined :)))))


Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend, we hope to have better weather and get more of the bins filled.

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