Sunday Stash and a Sunday drive.

Hey There, hope you had a good weekend !

On a recent trip to Alberta I discovered a great little quilt shop in Sherwood Park. I’m sure this is the best quilt shop I have ever been to. They have a large selection of really good quilt fabric and more patterns, books and notions than I have any business drooling over !


I spent waaay more time there than I should have. I have noticed that after looking at a lot of fabric I tend to go colour blind and it’s not just a matter of being visually overwhelmed. As an example: the second print from the left was bought as a go-with for the first print on the left, once I got it home I could see that they are different greens. While in the store though, I thought they were great together !


These are a few low volume fabrics I found. The text print on the top will make a great background when I get around to more of these.

I also treated myself to some glass head quilting pins – they were 25% off… and I mention that because I think the regular price for these little dears is a bit much !


but, as evidenced below – heads have been melting and we just can’t have that in any humane studio !

The glass heads are not supposed to melt but they are pretty tiny and we’ll have to see if that’s too much of a bother. I have some damage to my carpal tunnel which makes some fine motor skills a bit trying.


In other news, my husband and I took a little drive this weekend and enjoyed some beautiful country scenery. It wasn’t until after we were about 80 miles from home that I realized my SD card was still plugged into my desktop – bummer. My camera does have a small amount of internal memory so I was able to take a few pictures along the way.

We drove past several fields of hemp – a crop that we don’t grow on our farm yet but may in the future.



We stopped by an old hill top cemetery, mostly for the view but some of the gravestones were quite notable. If I had had my SD card I would have liked to photograph them. Many of the grave stones had Russian lettering on them as this area of Saskatchewan was a major first settlement of Russian Doukhobors who came to Canada in 1899.


These tombstones seem to be marching down the hill but it’s the view in the background that is quite beautiful.

You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.



The yellow flowers are canola in the foreground above.

Leaving the cemetery we traveled on to Petrofka Orchard. They have lovely walking trails and quite a few more fruit tree groves in addition to the picture below.


It’s quite amazing how they have managed to establish prairie hardy fruit trees that can endure our harsh winters. The owner showed us through their production area where they press apples for cider and make apple cider vinegar.


They have a wide variety of organic Saskachewan made goodies, most of which is grown and made right at the orchard. That apple cider is SO good – I wish I could give you all a icy cold glass !

Thanks for stopping by !

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  1. allisonreidnem
    Aug 10, 2015 @ 15:43:27

    What a lovely way to spend a Sunday! The country looks beautiful and the ideal location for a glass of apple cider.

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