Sunday Stash – the Monday version

When you buy quilting fabric it just follows that you have to buy batting at some point. Connecting Threads had a new sale each week last month but I sat on my hands and patiently waited until the batting finally went on sale. It was worth it – 35%off ! Here’s my goodies that arrived this past week:


The Hobbs 80/20 batting is my favourite because it doesn’t pack down the way some others do. The cotton/poly blend allows the quilting to show a bit better. Unfortunately Hobbs isn’t available anywhere close by. CT has the best price on shipping to Canada of any of the U.S.A. online shops I deal with – $7.99 for this entire order ! In Canada shipping prices go by size and weight. While I didn’t take a picture of the box, I’m guessing it was 20″ cubed though it wasn’t terribly heavy, so I feel that CT shipping rates are quite fair. I should add that the pillow form is very nice, also Hobbs. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another one from our “local” fabric shop, the quality isn’t close to comparable.


Those little tweezers should come in handy when removing foundation paper piecing. They have a very fine point and are substantially made. The roll of fusible tape has come in handy already. I’ve been using up a lot of batting trimmings while making all these potholders and now I don’t have to switch needle plates and zig zag them together. I’m just using these strips to join the batting scraps. Works like a charm 🙂


Of course I had to throw a little bit of fabric in my cart as well… I ordered a half yard cut of each, lol ! The navy is exactly 18″ and the Cotton & Steel must have been cut by someone more generous. The Faux Burlap navy is one of their own custom fabrics and I have to say I am impressed. It is a very smooth fabric with a soft hand. The colour is very rich and has quite a bit of depth to the faux texture as it has 4 different blues in the printing and goes really well with the C&S.


I absolutely love this selvage.

I hope you have scooped up some good quilty sales too. They have been pretty good lately. Mad About Patchwork is my favourite  Canadian online store and Pam has also been having a new sale each week in celebration of her 7 years in business. This weeks sale couldn’t be past up so I’ll have more to show next Sunday 😉 If you visit her site click on the ‘on sale’ button within the green bar along the top – there were some lovely bolts at just $6.00 a yard !!!

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  1. Lorna McMahon
    Apr 20, 2015 @ 10:21:55

    Looks like you scored! I have never tried the Hobbs batting, but seem to read about others using it a lot. I am also in Canada, but have never purchased anything from Connecting Threads before. Thanks so much for sharing your source!



    • Colleen
      Apr 21, 2015 @ 07:10:01

      I’ve been quite happy with my dealings with CT. I use their cotton thread as well. I bought quite a bit of it before I knew much about quilting and am still working on that. The ever popular Aurifil thread is a smidge smoother and thinner though.



  2. allisonreidnem
    Apr 21, 2015 @ 07:11:29

    Isn’t great receiving big parcels of quilting goodies? I’m enjoying Hobbs 80/20 wadding. I’ll give the fusible tape a go next time I make an on-line order. I hate throwing away left over wadding but stitching lots of strips is a bit of a chore and quickly clogs up the sewing machine with lint.



  3. lapaylor
    Apr 27, 2015 @ 08:05:49

    Hi Colleen
    I found you! It might be helpful to have an email addy listed somewhere so people could reach you. About hexies… I was going to send the tutorial for sewing hexies by machine with no worries but don’t know how here. Check my tutorials page, under the tutes by others for a link to what to do with your hexie tool. Also you can use it to cut hexies to do by hand, which is my favorite thing to do. I have many hexie projects on my blog too!
    Thanks for coming by, keep in touch.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color



    • Colleen
      Apr 27, 2015 @ 08:14:47

      Thanks LeeAnna, I’ll have a look at your suggestions. I think that people can reply to me through my gmail account but for some reason my blog address doesn’t show up so that is why I try and remember to add it when I am posting on someones blog. There may be some kind of fix for it that I am not aware of but sometimes this computer stuff is all too time consuming ! I’m glad you found me 🙂



  4. Anne Simonot
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 16:10:00

    Hi, not sure how far away you are from Saskatoon (I’m in Prince Albert) but I get queen-sized Hobbs battings from Michael’s, the craft store. With their 40 or 50% off deals & coupons, that batting often costs me $15, taxes included! Which I think is a bargain! I am going to sign up for CT’s newsletter, though… I was checking their site out and that $7.99 shipping is pretty tempting.



    • Colleen
      May 01, 2015 @ 06:35:41

      Hi Anne, Thanks for the info about Michael’s. I had no idea they carried Hobbs. I haven’t been there for years. I’m about 2 hours away from Saskatoon and was there this past Tuesday… one of my stops was Pet Smart – across the parking lot from Michael’s. I jokingly said to my daughter “do you want to go to Michael’s ? It’s kind of a joke because I used to spend far too much time looking at their goodies !



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