Plotting and Planning

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season… we certainly did !
It was really good to have everyone home and relax for a few days and just be together. Unfortunately my husband came down with a bad cold so he was forced to slow down from his usual go-go pace. He’s on the mend now but I swear… next year I will be dragging both my son and husband (probably kicking and screaming) to get the flu shot. I had mine back in early November but they were too busy.

O.K., pleasantries over, what do you think of this fabric pull ?


Sorry this picture is a bit too sunny – I’m not that good with a camera – please click on the picture for a better look. I don’t know if I can actually call this a “fabric pull” as most of the fabric is from one collection, Mo Bedell’s Hothouse Flowers. I did add in 3 shot cottons and the green pearl bracelets, I think it is called verbena.
The pattern I am considering is from an e-class that ran during harvest last fall. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to participate real-time but Rachel provides an excellent e-book at the close of each class so I knew I would be able to work through the class at my own sloth pace this winter. Anyways, I am trying to decide if I should use the Hothouse fabrics with the Indian Blanket quilt or the Starbright quilt. I love them both but I don’t have the background fabric in my stash for the Starbright quilt. If I go with the Starbright quilt – what background fabric to
use ???? White-ish, maybe Kona Slate ( a blueish medium grey ) or perhaps Kona nightfall ( a dark blue ).

While I was contemplating the above I started another quilt :


This idea has been brewing for awhile. I have been saving my son’s discarded jeans for… lets just say “awhile”, shall we ? I didn’t have a real plan for the jeans at the time I started saving them but it just seemed like a waste to throw them away when they were mostly perfectly good. He usually rips them in the same place, along the crotch seam and you just can’t repair that in such a way that they are still comfortable. Connecting Threads just happened to put their Robert Kaufman “Mammoth” flannel on sale and so began the denim/flannel rag quilt ! This flannel is just beautiful – thick and oh-so-soft. I am sandwiching little squares of batting in between the flannel and denim and then sewing an x from corner to corner through the three layers. I don’t remember where this idea came from but I hope this is the right way to do it. If you have ever made a rag quilt, feel free to let me know any tips. The comment thingie is at the top of the post on the left by the date.
Wish me luck !



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