Winter Wonderland

a grayish-white crystalline deposit of frozen water vapor formed in clear still weather on vegetation, fences, etc.

The last few days have seen perfect conditions for the developement of hoar frost.
It’s just beautiful walking around our farm yard so I thought I’d share some pictures here today.
(you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)


This is the entryway to our farm when you drive in off the highway.


Our antique windmill.


See how thick the hoar frost is ?


Bulrush or cattail to some.


Everywhere the hinterland has been dressed in a sparkling coat of frost.
Even the power lines. That, unfortunately has led to several power-outages over widespread areas as the lines have come crashing down. I’m so glad I have my Bernina on a very heavy UPS. This protects the sewing computer from power surges and brown outs. I learned the hard way when I first got her two years ago when the motherboard was fried. Thank goodness it was still under warranty and it didn’t cost me anything to replace it. The first thing I did after picking her up from the repair man was drive over to the geek store and purchased a very heavy duty power back-up which also filters uneven power caused by brownouts, spikes and surges.
If you are a rural dweller it is a necessity for computerized sewing machines !
Just sayin.


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  1. allisonreidnem
    Dec 23, 2014 @ 19:03:42

    What an amazing sight! I’ve never seen such a thick hoar frost. Thank you for sharing the photos Colleen. Hope the lovely weather continues over the holiday – minus the power complications!



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