This is what we do

For those of you that don’t know Rick Mercer, he is a Canadian television personality. He does a weekly half hour show that mostly pokes fun at our politicians but also travels around our huge country and teaches us about us. This past week he aired a segment about harvesting. The farm that hosted him is located about 3.5 hours from here. The segment was probably filmed in late September. I know it wasn’t early September because this area received snow and rain and the future of this years harvest was looking very bleak. But the weather turned around and we got the crop in. Operations on our farm are very similar to what you see here. There have been harvests where I did most of the combining but the last couple of years I have run the grain cart – you will see them dumping into the cart “on the go”. It takes some precision driving ! I’m not sure why they piled the wheat on the ground. We have piled barley on the ground but not wheat and we certainly don’t do somersaults down the pile ! Ain’t got no time for dat ! Near the start of the video the big guy thrashes the heads of wheat in his palm and explains what happens in the combine – that was a brilliant way to demonstrate this to the public ! The segment took over 10 hours to film and I commend the farmers that made the effort at this hectic time of year. Well done !


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