My Apologies

for these lousy pictures !

This is the quilt I referred to in my last post. This is the quilt I made for my Mother for her 90th birthday last year. It’s not hard to see that the pictures are bad – they are over exposed and don’t represent the true colors of the quilt. On my monitor the colors are more true in the previous post.


The quilt itself turned out quite well and my Mother was very pleased with it. My Mother was an excellent sewer of garments but she had never made a quilt so this is the only handmade quilt she owns. I’d like to say she uses it everyday during her naps but she does not. She ‘displays’ it laid out on a table instead – yeesh !

It all started with that fabric you see for the binding and in various blocks. She had given me this fabric from her stash and said that it was ‘special’ to her but didn’t elaborate.

( yeah, these pictures just get worse when you blow them up )

So I took it home and began collecting fabrics to make a quilt, unbeknownst to her. There isn’t a true quilt shop for literally hundreds of miles around. There is a fabric store 35 miles in one direction and another of the same chain 55 mies in the other direction from where I live. So the fabric choices come from both stores as I tried to co-ordinate something to go with Mom’s fabric.


Here is a shot of the back.


It took me quite awhile to settle on a pattern as I was collecting fabric. The ladies in the fabric store think it is hilarious that I buy the fabric first and then find a pattern. As I learn more about quilting I am understanding their laughter !

The pattern was found here.

The instructions are very well written and it goes together easily.

Her pictures are kindof similar to mine in the overexposure department so now I don’t feel too bad ! It must be the contrast between the background fabric and the block that confuse the “point and shoot” camera settings.
I used yardage instead of the Jelly Roll used in her pattern.
The quilt is twin sized and I had it professionally longarm quilted.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. allisonreidnem
    Nov 01, 2014 @ 20:34:29

    Colleen this is a stunning quilt – I like the ‘simple’ modern looking blocks combined with the more traditional floral fabrics. It’s funny how other people react to things we’ve made. Perhaps as makers we are too aware of how we could have done better whereas the people who receive our creations are just so appreciative of the time and effort that has gone into a totally unique gift.
    And I agree, it is difficult to take photos that really show true colours! Apart from colour my main problem is getting a photo to be any where near in focus…
    Keep stitching and blogging!



  2. lori landenburger
    Nov 06, 2014 @ 04:20:04

    i adore this quilt!! hugs to mom, i can’t believe she displays it on a table instead of cuddling under it, lol!! And, I think it’s a great idea to buy the fabric because you love it, and then find a pattern to fit! XX! lori



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