O.k., maybe it’s a Stitched Under the Influence (looking) project for WIP wednesday !


I had wanted to try my hand at the ‘drunkards path’ quilt block so I used some fabric left over from the quilt I made my Mom for her 90th birthday. I’ll have to tell you about that in a different post…

I’m calling this a table topper and it will finish around 36″ square. I’m pretty happy about the way it has turned out even though I don’t have much experience sewing curves. But that’s how you get experience, right ? Not all the points line up  and I have definitely had problems deciding on the quilting. You may be able to see that I used a washout marker to start off a spiral in the center. At the last moment I changed my mind and went with some straight stitching outlining the center blocks. Well, that didn’t turn out very good – looks like I was drunk stitching down the drunkards path… but I wasn’t, I swear ociffer ! So, I’m going to pick out that red thread in the center and start over again with something that will blend in better and not draw attention to those missmatched seams. I may go back to the spiral idea but that’s something I’ve never tried either. If anyone has any tips -please comment.

Comment anyways, I’d hate to think I’m talking to myself here.

I’m linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced


Thanks for dropping by !

p.s., what the heck, also linking up with Kelly’s NTT


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  1. lori landenburger
    Oct 30, 2014 @ 19:13:22

    ” stitched under the influence”!! lol! great name 🙂 It’s a beautiful block and will be a lovely table topper!! It is ok if I give you a hint? It is difficult to see where to leave comments, on your blog, so if you move it to the end of the post, and make the button bigger, more people will be able to share with you. xx!



    • Colleen
      Oct 30, 2014 @ 19:49:02

      Hi Lori, thanks you for your advice. I have noodled around in the administration / settings/ ect. areas and can’t find any way of moving things like the comment button around. It might not be possible to do in this theme. I will look around a bit more when I have time or possibly think about changing themes. I have no idea if I change themes that I may loose what content I have already put up here.



      • jennamarynowski
        Oct 31, 2014 @ 05:13:42

        Don’t worry – if you change themes, you don’t loose your content. I’ve been through a few theme changes myself.


  2. allisonreidnem
    Oct 31, 2014 @ 16:40:43

    Hi! Colleen
    Your block looks great. I’ve yet to try curved piecing – I’m still working on getting points in my stars! I’ve just had a friend set me up with a blog page and I’m finding my way around slowly. I found your page via your photo at WIP. If you have time please do visit my blog!
    Best wishes
    Allison UK



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