Flying Geese

Yeah, the actual geese are flying, the ones with feathers. Stay tuned though, I’ve got some flying geese of the fabric variety at the end of this post for you.


This picture was taken a few days ago out my front door – look at ’em… thousands of the snow geese landing on our field that had green peas planted on it. The geese just love resting and feeding on these fields and we don’t mind a bit – once it’s   been combined.

What’s that… you want a closer look ?


My daughter did too. Here she is sitting on the roof spying on them.


Don’t worry, apparently she’s done this before and is an expert at getting onto the roof. umm, news to me !

o.k., you’ve been patient enough.. here’s the fabric variety:


This is the front and back of a notebook I covered with some flying geese blocks I had made for practice. It measures  9 3/4″ x 7 1/2″. The green in the photograph doesn’t look nearly as sickly in person !

If you are interested in making one yourself, this is the tutorial I used:


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