O.k., maybe it’s a Stitched Under the Influence (looking) project for WIP wednesday !


I had wanted to try my hand at the ‘drunkards path’ quilt block so I used some fabric left over from the quilt I made my Mom for her 90th birthday. I’ll have to tell you about that in a different post…

I’m calling this a table topper and it will finish around 36″ square. I’m pretty happy about the way it has turned out even though I don’t have much experience sewing curves. But that’s how you get experience, right ? Not all the points line up  and I have definitely had problems deciding on the quilting. You may be able to see that I used a washout marker to start off a spiral in the center. At the last moment I changed my mind and went with some straight stitching outlining the center blocks. Well, that didn’t turn out very good – looks like I was drunk stitching down the drunkards path… but I wasn’t, I swear ociffer ! So, I’m going to pick out that red thread in the center and start over again with something that will blend in better and not draw attention to those missmatched seams. I may go back to the spiral idea but that’s something I’ve never tried either. If anyone has any tips -please comment.

Comment anyways, I’d hate to think I’m talking to myself here.

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Flying Geese

Yeah, the actual geese are flying, the ones with feathers. Stay tuned though, I’ve got some flying geese of the fabric variety at the end of this post for you.


This picture was taken a few days ago out my front door – look at ’em… thousands of the snow geese landing on our field that had green peas planted on it. The geese just love resting and feeding on these fields and we don’t mind a bit – once it’s   been combined.

What’s that… you want a closer look ?


My daughter did too. Here she is sitting on the roof spying on them.


Don’t worry, apparently she’s done this before and is an expert at getting onto the roof. umm, news to me !

o.k., you’ve been patient enough.. here’s the fabric variety:


This is the front and back of a notebook I covered with some flying geese blocks I had made for practice. It measures  9 3/4″ x 7 1/2″. The green in the photograph doesn’t look nearly as sickly in person !

If you are interested in making one yourself, this is the tutorial I used:


Another First

100_2462_2This is the quilt that started it all for me.

Yup, These are pictures of the first quilt I made.

It was about 3 years ago and I had stumbled across the tutorial for this quilt.  I decided that “Hey, I could do that !” It took me most of the winter on my 34 year old Kenmore sewing machine. I remember at one point thinking that I would have to read the next pattern more carefully and not choose one that said ” cut out 144 – 2.5″ squares and 144 – 2.5 x 3.5 rectangles” – that was alot of cutting for a newbie. I didn’t know that a 1/4 inch foot was needed or a walking foot would be a good idea. I didn’t know about squaring up blocks either – so I didn’t ! But somehow it all came together and turned out pretty good. Each block took me approximately one hour and is a 5.5 x 4.5 that makes up a quarter of each oval. The outer pieced border is made up of 1.5″ x 2.5″ strips and I was getting a little sick of working on the quilt – I just wanted it done and almost skipped this step. I’m really glad I persevered though because it really ads to the overall look of the quilt. 


It measures about 52″ x 63″

I think it is still my favorite quilt.

1st and 1st

7 point star

7 point star

Hello and welcome to my first post and a look at my first try at a 7 point star block. I am quite new to foundation paper piecing so I am being quite brave in showing you this early attempt. I’m fairly happy with the results but am really surprised at how long it took me to sew together. I would hope that I will get faster with a little practice but at this point I can’t imagine doing an entire quilt this way ! If you’d like to give it a try – here is where I printed the free template from:


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